Friday, September 23, 2011

Once More Into The Breach

  Greetings from a wild, wet and windy Isle of Tiree. For those of you who have enjoyed coming here in the past I apologise: the only excuse I can offer is that I was just a wee bit fed up writing blogs, articles, websites, etc. As they say, a change is as good as a rest and I decided a rest from being online so much would be a relief.

  Back in 1999, when I started my first website about Tiree, there was very little in the way of information about Tiree on the web. Those were different times. Type 'Isle of Tiree' into Google and you might find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of information that is only a click away.

  An indication of just how far we've come is the fact that I'm typing this on my iPhone using a Bluetooth-connected keyboard. I didn't even dream of such things back in 1999.

  This blog was never intended to be a news portal. As the name suggests, it's just a place for personal reflections and anything else that comes to mind that I feel like sharing.

  Like a lot of other people I've been sucked into the social networking scene. If you were wondering where I was you only had to look me up on the Facebook to know that rumours of my demise had been greatly exaggerated.

  Winter is approaching and that seems like a suitable time to hook back up with the blog.

  Starting tomorrow there will be regular updates and features.

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