Thursday, March 31, 2011


You only ever grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone. Percy Cerutty

11:15 am ... The wind is blowing, the rain is pouring down and somehow I've got to get out to the shed to do today's workout, probably another hour on the treadmill. I've lost another pound as of this morning's weigh-in so some thing's working. But as everyone knows, it's difficult to judge weight loss when you're exercising. The more you do, the more muscle you put on (in my case, in my legs) and the more muscle you put on, the more weight you put on. Much better, perhaps, to get into the habit of measuring my BMI (body mass index) as a more accurate indicator of fat loss.

Still no car. I know, I'm sounding like a broken record. Hector misses his runs on the beach so I walked him over to Balephetrish and let him have a wee tear about. To my surprise we ended up walking a total of 4.8 miles, and that was on top of the 4.7 I'd run on the treadmill in the morning. So all in all, that was a good day's work out.

Something I really regret is not getting the shed properly waterproofed from the inside. It would have cost me and extra £400 and at the time I thought it was an unnecessary expense. As it turns out, though, when the wind and rain blow out of the north or the north east the rain gets blown under the door and the floor gets flooded. At times like that it is, perhaps, unwise to turn on the electric treadmill and do a workout. Today I should be okay, however, as the wind seems to be coming from the south.

Time to get on with it.

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