Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I heard from a friend on Facebook that the weather is awful back home so I'd better not rub it in too much ... Oh, what the hell, here in St. Tropez the weather is in the mid-twenties, we are camping today at the campsite managed by our friend Andy, sitting outside in the late afternoon sunlight drinking from our 3 litres bottle of red that cost something like 7 euro ... all is well and God is in his Heaven.

Yesterday, we left our hotel and ventured up the other side of Lake Como in Italy in search of the chapel of the Madonna del Ghisallo. I provide a link here in case you are a cycling fan. The significant thing about this little chapel is that the Madonna is the patron of cyclists. The chapel contains many mementos of the great cyclists past and present and, touchingly, many remembrances of competitive cyclists who died while competing in the sport.

Unfortunately, I took many a wrong turn trying to get to the Madonna and managed to pee Jo off a little bit.  But it was just something I have always wanted to do ever since I became aware of this particular little church.

If the chapel wasn't enough, though, right next door was the Museum of Cycling!  Bikes from the dawn of cycling, recent Tour de France machines, winner's jersey's, loads of mementos and the history of bike racing, all in one building.  Needless to say, I bought the t-shirt!

More from me tomorrow.

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