Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello Everyone!


Another couple of wonderful days although blighted in part by bad weather. When we left Konstanz we soon got lost on our way south.  If only we had decided to go through the Swiss border check point only a few hundred yards from our hotel. But we had to try to be clever and try to head south through Austria.


Eventually we ended up in the town of Imst, nestled in the Austrian Tirol.  What lovely views of the mountains from our campsite! The next day we took a drive to Innsburck and wandered about the town for the afternoon.


Today has been a day of extreme weather changes. We headed south through St. Moritz (zero degrees celcius) until Imst (19.5 degress celcius).


Tonight we went for an evening meal out on the terrace of the restaurant area of town. It was great to sit out in the evening air, in September, and enjoy a meal with a good red wine.

No pictures today simply because I haven't had a chance to check them out.

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