Friday, September 24, 2010


We were on the road early this morning and drove south east, in the general direction of Austria, trying our best to hug the southern shore of the Bodensee.

IMG_0016 (2)

The town of Konstanz is a large, cosmopolitan town which, interestingly, has the border with Switzerland running through it.  We went out for a walk tonight and visited Switzerland for ten minutes before we got fed up and returned to Germany.



For those of you who were fed up with my comments yesterday about all the beautiful sunshine we were having you will be pleased to know that it rained this afternoon when we were out exploring the town. And boy, did it rain! We hadn’t been expecting the rain and certainly weren’t dressed for it. We got soaked! Tonight when we went out for a further look around we were sure to put on our waterproof jackets and take our umbrellas with us!


On the plus side, though, I have to point out that the weather outside is currently in the region of 16 degrees C – at 9pm!

Onward, tomorrow, to Austria!


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