Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hello everyone and greetings from the German town of Appenweirer on the fringes of the Black Forest.  We are having a wonderful time so far on our drive around central Europe.  In fact, we can’t quite believe how much we are enjoying ourselves – or how good the weather is.  Since Monday the average temperature has been about 26 degrees Celsius with loads and loads of lovely sunshine!

We came off the ferry at Calais in France on Monday at about 11am local time and charged along the autoroute headed for Reims.  There we met up with our good friends, the recently married James and Magali Christie at their flat, a short distance from the magnificent Reims Cathedral.


What a wonderful time we had with this lovely couple over the next two days. We visited the cathedral, we did a tour of the town, we visited Magali’s parents (whom we first met at the wedding), we ate well and we shared a few beers.


The town of Reims is historic but there’s just too much to go in to at the moment.  Reims suffered terribly in both World Wars and there is much evidence of this still in the town – for instance the lower walls of the cathedral, pock-marked with machine gun and shell-hits.

The hospitality shown to us both by Magali and James and Magili’s parents was very touching and we will never forget it.


On Wednesday morning we said farewell to Reims and headed east, for Southern Germany and based ourselves at the Hotel Adler in Appenweirer.

Today we went exploring the Black Forest area.  How beautiful! Again, there’s just too much to say in a quick blog post but hopefully I will get some photographs and more wordstogether for posting soon and keep you all up to date.

And tomorrow? Who knows!  More of Southern Germany I expect before we head down to Austria.

We are having a blast!

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