Thursday, August 26, 2010

VIDEO LINK: New BBC film about Tiree

Just released, this short film from BBC labs was made by and features islanders. It was made during this year's Feis. Although I say it myself, I think this is a great wee film. Thanks to the BBC for all their help, patience and advice.

To view the video CLICK HERE  To access the Tiree video, click the Tiree link in the middle, near the top (among the bucket and spades!)


Stu G said...

That is a great wee video Gordon.
It's quite interesting for me, having been away so long, to watch things like this and try and remember a Tirisdeach's point of view!
I thought for a while that the wind farm may actually be the big injection of life that Tiree needs, but the more I hear about it, and the more I reflect on what makes Tiree the special place it is, the further from that opinion I seem to get.
Good job everyone that took part.
Maybe you all need to make a full length documentary about the subject.

Lesley said...

I really enoyed that.