Monday, February 01, 2010


Gordon Scott's 'daily blog' isn't living up to it's name. The blame for this I lay squarely at the feet of all the news feeds I'd set up to pull in news about Tiree appearing on the internet. The Google service, in particular, seems to have gone a bit loco. So, once again, you have to put up with some personal ramblings.

My training continues to go well. Once again seven days have gone by without imbibing alcohol and I've noticed a little weight loss as a result. That's two weeks. Sadly, in the same time period, I've discovered the wonderful taste of Cadbury's Twister bars, the result of which is that I haven't made as much progress in the fat-shedding process as I should have.

I've had contact from a couple of mates who want to join me in going up a Munro or two in the summer. As seems to be the case with most of my friends these days, these friends happen to be younger than I am. With this in mind, then,  I will get a few of the 3000 summits under my belt before I allow myself to be humiliated by these young whipper-snappers.

Last night I was back at Yoga for the first time in weeks. Yoga, when practised by a master, looks so graceful and effortless. Sometimes, I must admit, I struggle - mostly, I feel, because of my 'cushioning'. Again, this is something I'm working on.

The meditation aspect of our Yoga class is particularly rewarding. It's amazing what inner peace can be achieved simply by focussing on the 'now' and breathing properly, from the abdomen. The heart slows, inducing a sense of calm and well-being. Sometimes even time itself seems to stand still. I always come out of this part of the session feeling a bit 'blissed out'.

I've been carrying on with my recording sessions. This week I am working on Hamish Henderson's song The Freedom Come All Ye. I'm still finding my way with the new recording gear and that's why it's taking me so long to produce anything.

And on the subject of recording in the Man-Shed, the recent wild weather has revealed many, many leaks and draughts. To be fair, it's a large garden shed. The person who built  it never foresaw a mad man being in it in the dead of night trying to record music. Still, I really want to get the leaks taken care of before any lasting damage is done. 

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