Thursday, January 21, 2010

Silence No More

As you've probably gathered from my relative silence over the past couple of weeks, there hasn't been much going on here on the Isle of Tiree, not since Christmas and the New Year. There always seems to be a lull in 'the news' at this time of the year. Or maybe that's just the way I perceive it.

There's something about the New Year that takes me a couple of weeks to get over. It's not just the over indulgence that accompanies the so-called festive season; there's also the getting used to it being a 'new year'. 2010. That's a space-age number for someone like me, born in the mid-1950s.

As for resolutions, I make them but I know better than to tackle them on the 1st of January. Again, I wait a couple of weeks, flush the old year out of my system, steal myself.

So what have I got lined up for 2010? Last year's trek to Everest Base Camp was a biggie. I haven't written or said much about it, I know. When I got back I felt like someone who had just come back from a war: I didn't want to talk about it. It took so much out of me, every last ounce of my physical and psychological resources, that I came back exhausted and quite worn out.

Later in 2009 I ran in the Mull Half Marathon  and the Coll 5k and thoroughly enjoyed the training and the results. On both occasions I scored a personal best.

Then came the winter and oh my, have I let myself go. I've piled on the weight and I've also become very lazy. So: time to hook up to a new challenge.

Recently I've undergone a sense of a renewal of my identity as a Scot. I don't know why but I've started to look about Caledonia with renewed enthusiasm and love for its landscape and its people. With this in mind I've been thinking that there's no better way to take this forward than to go Munro Bagging.

For those of you who don't know, a Munro is a Scottish mountain over 3000ft. I think I am right in saying there are 283 in the current listing. The most southerly is Ben Lomond and the most Northerly is Ben Hope in Sutherland. I think that over the next few years I will have a crack at climbing them all. Starting in, say, March.

First of all, though, I've got to get fit again. I've got to get back to my running, biking and lifting weights. So if you see a sad old man in his mid-50s panting his way along the roads of Tiree 'jogging' that'll be me.

On other fronts I've got to be more careful about what I put into my mouth. I have to stop eating rubbish and think carefully about what I drink. Even a little alcohol slows you down and takes a long, long time to flush out of your system.

So: onward and (literally) upward.

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