Sunday, January 10, 2010

Greetings From ... Southwaite?

Southwaite Services, to be precise, just south of Carlisle, if memory serves. Jo and I and our dog Hector are heading down to Bedfordshire to visit our friends John and Fran.

Everyone has been advising us against making the trip given the horrendous weather. The main roads appeared to be okay yesterday and last night. The lowest temperature the car computer recorded was minus 7 Celsius. Fog was a worry at several times during the journey south, really thick stuff. And for some reason our windscreen washer had packed in and it proved very difficult to keep the screen clear. We had intended to travel to Scotch Corner, where we had a room booked, but the A66 was closed and so we ended up here.

Hector has been very good on the long journey. For the first time ever he's seeing snow - and TREES - and he's just loving it but unfortunately for me the important thing is that he hurries up and pees and poos rather than pick up his 'pee-mail'.

Shortly we'll be getting ready to head off down the road, link up with the M1 and take it from there. More later, with photographs, hopefully, from our destination.

Wish us well!

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