Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feis Workshop Weekend

At long last I went along to a Feis Workshop weekend, the first I have attended in almost 17 years of living here on Tiree. I have, in fact, taught at a Feis weekend, many, many years ago. I pride myself, actually, in having taught Daniel Gillespie (of Skerryvore) to play a little guitar. This was many years ago and Daniel, of course, has gone on to great things - not with the guitar, of course!

This weekend I had the immense honour and pleasure to have been taught a little Mouth Organ by a wonderfully gifted exponent of the instrument, none other than Donald Black himself. What a nice man and what an incredible musician. He plays the Mouth Organ (or harmonica, or, on occasion, what I would call the 'blues harp') with such style and sensitivity that on a few occasions I felt myself becoming emotional just listening to him play in the class. Oh, that I could achieve such mastery of the instrument.

Last night, Saturday, I went along to the Feis Weekend ceilidh. This was less of a concert, much more of gathering to share songs, tunes and stories. There were Gaelic songs, English songs, there was the accordion, the flute, the whistle, the fiddle and, of course, there was Donald's wonderful playing.

A wonderful night on Tiree. The fact that there was an abundance of performers on hand testifies to how talented this wee island is!

Now, where's that 'moothie'? I have to get practicing ...

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