Sunday, November 29, 2009


We're away in the Big City doing our Christmas shopping, folks. Normal service will be resumed on Saturday 5th December.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Watch the STV news tonight at 6:30pm when the result of the People's Millions campaign will be announced.

Monday, November 23, 2009



The voting line for the People's Millions contest is now open. The number is:

0871 626 88 75

You can vote between 9am - Midnight.

To learn more about the project visit this link:

A short video about the project (featuring a number of Tiree residents) will be shown during at regional news between 6 - 6:30pm.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tiree Needs Your Vote in the People's Millions Contest



Sorry for the mass email but this is really important. We're campaigning to get funding for a small cinema on the wee wind-blown and remote island of Tiree and tomorrow we're featured on the STV regional news in the People's Millions Contest. Viewers are asked to vote by making a 10p phone call. If we get the funding it would mean so much to us.

To read more go to

I realise that many of you don't live in this country and you can't participate. Instead, please send us your good vibes. If you know anyone from this from Scotland you can motivate to vote for us please shoot them an email. Every vote counts!



ITV is a partner of the Big Lottery and is presenting short films of 2 competing projects each night on STV Regional News from Monday 23rd to Thursday 26th November.
Tiree's Ringside Cinema will be one of the two featured on the first show - on Monday 23rd November.Be there.
The way it works is that one of the two projects each night - the one with the highest vote - wins funding for its project. So Monday is the day to do the business for Tiree. This tiny population is going to need all the help it can muster to get its voting numbers up - so round up all your connections to vote for it. READ MORE FROM FOR ARGYLL
We will publish the voting phone number as soon as we have it. Calls from BT landlines will only cost 10p so please do consider voting tomorrow night!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ah tell my students young and old
Till my breathin' gets afy wheezy
To learn the guid auld sook an blaw
It isnae bloody easy
So tak some heed tae me ma lads
An listen tae whit a say
An copy Tiree's maestro/bard
an you'll be on yir way
For Gordy's awfu kee an a'
He practices like mad
Soon he'll pit them a' tae shame
By mair than just a tad!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Ah went tae see oor Donald
Tae learn the soukie-blaw
An here's whit Donald said tae me
Ye hiv tae sook and blaw

Sook an blaw
Sook an blaw
If ye want tae learn 
the Souckie-Blaw
Ye hiv tae sook an blaw

Oor Donald learnt the moothie
When he wis jist a wean
He fun it wis aw sook and blaw
An sook an blaw again

Sook an blaw
Sook an blaw
If ye want tae learn 
the Souckie-Blaw
Ye hiv tae sook an blaw

An ah says 'Donald ye hit notes
Thit mak me want tae weep'.
'Ah canne say frae where it comes
But aye, Ah dig doon deep'.

Sook an blaw
Sook an blaw
If ye want tae learn 
the Souckie-Blaw
Ye hiv tae sook an blaw

Gordon Scott

Skerryvore bring back PSYBT Young Entrepreneurs of the Year Award to Tiree and Argyll

They must put something in the water in Tiree. Skerryvore - winners last night (18th November) of the Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust's (PSYBT) award of Young Entrepreneurs of the Year and the second band for the island to be recognised for their business savvy.

Back in 2003 it was Skipinnish whose entrepreneurship received national attention.

But the island has done it again. At a stellar awards ceremony in Glasgow last night, Skerryvore were, in FI Grand Prix Champion for 2009 Jenson Button's recent joyful description of himself - 'it'.  READ MORE

Thursday, November 19, 2009


The new Tiree Wind Turbine at Ruaig can be seen here dwarfing men and machinery. For full details of the Turbine project, CLICK HERE. You will also be able to see some great pictures of the Turbine being assembled.

Monday, November 16, 2009


We've just had confirmation from Sky when the 26 minute programme of the 2009 Tiree Wave Classic will be on TV.

Tiree Wave Classic 2009 - 05/01/10 - 18:30 - Sky Sports 2 Digital

Tiree Wave Classic 2009 - 05/01/10 - 21:30 - Sky Sports Xtra

Tiree Wave Classic 2009 - 13/01/10 - 18:30 - Sky Sports 2 Digital

Tiree Wave Classic 2009 - 13/01/10 - 21:00 - Sky Sports Xtra

Tiree Wave Classic 2009 - 13/01/10 - 23:30 - Sky Sports 2 Digital

Tiree Wave Classic 2009 - 13/01/10 - 26:30 - Sky Sports Xtra

Tiree Wave Classic 2009 - 14/01/10 - 14:00 - Sky Sports 2 Digital

Tiree Wave Classic 2009 - 14/01/10 - 18:30 - Sky Sports Xtra

Tiree Wave Classic 2009 - 15/01/10 - 14:30 - Sky Sports 2 Digital

Thanks to GMFCo for the information.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feis Workshop Weekend

At long last I went along to a Feis Workshop weekend, the first I have attended in almost 17 years of living here on Tiree. I have, in fact, taught at a Feis weekend, many, many years ago. I pride myself, actually, in having taught Daniel Gillespie (of Skerryvore) to play a little guitar. This was many years ago and Daniel, of course, has gone on to great things - not with the guitar, of course!

This weekend I had the immense honour and pleasure to have been taught a little Mouth Organ by a wonderfully gifted exponent of the instrument, none other than Donald Black himself. What a nice man and what an incredible musician. He plays the Mouth Organ (or harmonica, or, on occasion, what I would call the 'blues harp') with such style and sensitivity that on a few occasions I felt myself becoming emotional just listening to him play in the class. Oh, that I could achieve such mastery of the instrument.

Last night, Saturday, I went along to the Feis Weekend ceilidh. This was less of a concert, much more of gathering to share songs, tunes and stories. There were Gaelic songs, English songs, there was the accordion, the flute, the whistle, the fiddle and, of course, there was Donald's wonderful playing.

A wonderful night on Tiree. The fact that there was an abundance of performers on hand testifies to how talented this wee island is!

Now, where's that 'moothie'? I have to get practicing ...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The Rev John Cairns Christie (aged 62 ) will be appointed Moderator designate of the general Assembly of the Church of Scotland when it meets next May. READ MORE


Further to the post dated 3rd November Can Tiree Win It's Own Cinema we can now confirm that a film crew from STV will be on the island on Thursday 12th November to film the proposed venue and interview interested islanders both young and old.  Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and that our representatives are able to put the case across well!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009


My favourite so far, this is a beautiful and sad wee song by Robert Burns. In my version the guitar is a bit subdued so it might be best to listen with big speakers or headphones.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


The Turbine components/cranes will be arriving on a special sailing from Oban today (Saturday 7th November) . The loading will begin at Oban between 2-4pm and the expected arrival in Tiree will be around 9pm. Once the ferry has docked all the components/cranes etc will be off loaded and will lie down at the pier area overnight.

On Sunday morning first light (8am) they will be loading the crane onto the extendable trailer at the parking place outside the post office. During this time diversions will be put in place: you will be asked to go down passed the Scarinish hotel if you are heading either West or East, but if you are going to the Co Op or live in the area you will still be able to go through.

Once the trailer is loaded it will then start its journey under police escort to the Ruaig site, around 11-11.30 approx. During this time traffic will be slow moving on the B8068 Scarinish to Gott & the B8069 Gott to Caoles, so if you are heading out to Church/work or anywhere else along this route please give yourself some extra time.

All the local emergency services and the doctor have been made aware of any potential delay.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Return to Kathmandu from Gordon Scott on Vimeo.

After trekking to Everest Base Camp (April 2009) we flew from Lukla back to Kathmandu to stay at our hotel for another couple of days. Here is a video of the bus journey from the local airport to the Hotel Shanker.

On the way we meet a Maoist protest march and get a look at the many different faces of this fascinating city.

There's a bit of chat at the start so please bear with me. Once the bus gets going it's quite good.

A few days later I was back on Tiree.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


About a month or so ago, perhaps a wee bit longer, we noticed references on Facebook to the new Royal Bank of Scotland ad campaign which featured the Scarinish branch on its posters. And here it is, courtesy of Margaret Ann MacLean, who uploaded a picture to her Facebook account and sent me a message to say it was there. We think the photograph was taken in Glasgow.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

CAN TIREE WIN ITS VERY OWN CINEMA? Ringside Theatre project through to People’s Millions finals! Voting starts 9 a.m. Nov 23rd

The People’s Millions competition is run by Big Lottery Fund and ITV to give money to communities for innovative projects.

The Ringside Theatre project was entered by TRD to win enough money to transform the auction ring into a comfortable warm properly equipped cinema.

We never expected it but we’re through to the finals for STV central region which extends from Perth down to Biggar on the east including Edinburgh and from Fort William to South Ayrshire including Glasgow on the west. Our project is one of 8 short-listed from this huge region!

The competition will take place the week 23 – 27 November with two projects featured each night on the ITV regional news. Nightly voting begins at 9 a.m for that day’s projects and closes at midnight. The two featured projects go head-to-head to win the public vote. Our project will be featured on Monday 23rd November - Put the date in your diary now!

If we win we’ll be able to install heating, insulation, blinds and proper theatre seats in the mart and adapt the ringside so that it’s removable to create a comfortable theatre with seating for 50 and Tiree will at last have a Cinema. We’ll even have a pop corn machine!

STV are coming to Tiree during the next few weeks to film our ‘pitch’ for the competition. We need as many people as possible to come along and get the public to vote for us by telling STV how having a Cinema on Tiree could change people’s lives.

If you would like to take part in the pitch please get in touch with one of the Cinema Steering Group – Alastair MacInnes, Clare Jones, Frances Woodhead, John Isaacson, Andy Phillips, Ewan MacKinnon, Jane Isaacson.

If you’d like to know what we’re up against, you can see this year’s projects HERE