Monday, October 05, 2009


Skykon and Strathclyde Fire and Rescue have been confirmed as sponsors for this year's Tiree Wave Classic.

Jesper Øhlenschlæger, CEO of Skykon, commented:
"Skykon is delighted to sponsor the Tiree Wave Classic which has great synergy with our company. Skykon is a supplier of tower solutions and wind technology components to the wind power industry, hence wind is our main business.  We look forward to being associated with this fantastic event."

Gordon Ritchie, Director of GMFCo, said:
"It is great to see an international company involved in wind power with Scottish roots. Skykon really know the wind power market and have so much synergy with The Tiree Wave Classic.  StrathClyde Fire and Rescue serve the communities of Coll and Tiree and we have first hand knowledge of how good these guys are when the Tiree Lodge hotel had a fire in the kitchen when we were running the competition. This was dealt with within minutes. That's when you really appreciate dealing with a professional team like StrathClyde Fire and Rescue."

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