Friday, October 02, 2009

Music From The Shed #3: The 51st Highland Division's Farewell to Sicily

After a break of a week or so here is another song from the man-shed.

Today I am singing my favourite song in my mother tongue.

No, it's not anything by Burns or The Corries. Nor is it Flower of Scotland.

It's a song by the wonderfully gifted Scottish songwriter and poet, the late Hamish Henderson.

And it's about Sicily during World War 2.

I hope you will also enjoy the audio recording of the great man explaining the origin of the song and the video I put together to go with the song.


CewTwo said...

Thanks, Gordon. Beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing!

Lybbe said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Steve Runner said...

Beautiful Gordon; I played this for my Dad...we're decended from Scottish royalists who left Scotland after the Battle of Culloden for Prince Edward Island, your rendition was very moving. Thank you!