Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The Tiree Wave Classic is almost upon us again. Here's a few helpful hints about driving on Tiree.


Tiree's Fire and Ambulance volunteers will attend their stations in their own cars promptly in the event of a call out. The main difficulty they face is drivers in front failing to notice them behind or, even worse, knowing they are behind and failing to pull in at a safe place. All volunteers attending an emergency switch on their headlights and hazard lights and may also sound their horn to alert drivers.

The Highway Code (code 133) requires this of ANY driver, on a single track road, in front of someone wishing to pass, so it is even more pertinent when the vehicle behind is attending an emergency with all lights flashing.

There is also an offence of careless and inconsiderate driving (Road Traffic Act 1988 Section 3) which carries endorsements, fines and penalty points.


Everyone on Tiree is pleased to welcome visitors to our island and we want you to have a leisurely, relaxed time when you are here. No-one minds if you want to drive at 20mph on a single-track road, viewing the sights - as long as you let those behind you pass. Remember, the locals are going about their business as usual and may understandably become frustrated if you are holding them back.

Please park considerately. Today I witnessed a van and a trailer parked on the 'wrong' side of the road facing towards oncoming traffic) on the blind corner at the Co-Op in Scarinish. That's just asking for trouble - and a potentially serious accident.

Avoid using Passing Places as lay-bys. These 'pockets' serve a very important purpose, the smooth flow of traffic on single-track roads.

Have a great time during your visit to Tiree!


Anonymous said...

Great advice. This goes for all single track road users.
The reference to code 133, should that not be 154 - 156?

Gordon Scott said...

Not sure to be honest. The reference was advised by an ex-policeman but perhaps it's out of date. As long as the message gets out there that there is a legal obligation involved.

Gordon Scott said...

Double checked and it is indeed code number 133.