Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Last night, in the age-old tradition of pub-rock, Tiree's The Defenders rocked the Lodge Hotel to it's very foundations. There was something for everyone, surfer and non-surfer alike: sixties rock, punk, blues and contemporary chart hits. An inspired second set found the band giving their all, playing with an intensity and enthusiasm that probably surprised many of the Wave Classic visitors to the island.

And while we're on the subject of enthusiasm, how the audience reacted! They sang, they danced, they cheered and they body surfed! And, when the band finished, they weren't all that keen to let them go. Eventually, however, everyone went home, satisfied that this free gig had delivered ten times over.

This was yet another success for the management of the Hotel who have arranged a week-long series of events to coincide with this year's Tiree Wave Classic.

(Did you get any photographs or video from last night's gig? We'd love to see them. gdwscott @

COMMUNITY DRINKS RECEPTION: The Tiree Wave Classic team would like to invite all members of the Tiree community to come to a special community drinks reception that is being organised at the Tiree Lodge Hotel for Wednesday the 14th, 6 - 7pm.

This will be an informal evening and will give the community of Tiree a chance to come along and meet GMFCo, the event organisers, and everyone else involved in the Tiree Wave Classic.

COLL CHALLENGE: The endurance race takes place tomorrow. More later.

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