Saturday, October 24, 2009

Norman MacLeod in Scotland on Sunday

A couple of weeks back I posted links concerning the publication of Norman MacLean's autobiography, The Leper's Bell. I didn't mention it at the time but the reason I'd become aware of the book's publication (as well as a BBC programme aired to coincide with it) was through a superb article published in Scotland on Sunday.

Checking out this article online I see that it was written by Peter Ross. I met Peter during the Tiree Wave Classic but at that time I didn't realise he had written it.

Peter also wrote the recent article about the TWC which also appeared in Scotland on Sunday.

Norman MacLean's father, Niall Mor, was a Tiree man. His father, Norman's grandfather, John MacLean, had a house on The Green, a stone's throw from where I am writing this.

Contrary to a popular belief we do get Sunday papers on Tiree. We get them on a Monday. So, in case you missed this great article, here's a extract and a link where you can read it in it's entirety online.

Once known as the Gaelic Billy Connolly, comedian and musician Norman Maclean destroyed his life and his career through drink. Now sober and living on Uist, he is taking the first steps to rebuilding both
UIST seen from the air is a fragmented group of islands, the peaty surface pocked and ploughed by antler-shaped lochans, pale pools, inlets and bays. It's as if God dropped a landmass from heaven on to the Hebridean Sea, where it shattered into hundreds of shards and froze forever. It is a suitable home, therefore, for the alcoholic comedian and polymath Norman Maclean, "the Gaelic Billy Connolly", as he is often described, whose own life and career have been blown apart by his need to drink, and who now, at 72, is left gazing over the rocky topography of his own past.

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