Saturday, October 31, 2009


Two more comments on this lively debate, well worth copying from the 'comments' box.

I know it's great for camper vans to feel they want the isolation and to park where they want,they cannot do this on the mainland, and maybe they are wrong on it being illegal but I feel van owners must also realise that the Machair is used for the crofters animals and this is the crofters way of life. Vans on the mainland would not even consider using farm land to park their vans without asking so why do they do it on Tiree without asking? be a considerate camper and ask before you park overnight. Anonymous

I am totally in agreement with the [post of 27th October] and have been putting together a letter to send to TRD, but the post says it all really. My prospective is slightly different to the about in the fact that we are visitors to the island in our van and have been for a number of years. My suggestion for service points would be Crossapol, Cornaig and Scarinish. These are developed areas and the cost should be low. A daily tariff for staying on the island rather than individual sites would also work better. As the post above says we choose Tiree and the like, to be away from other people. This fee could be used to recoup the costs of providing and maintaining these facilities. I hope that we will be able to return to Tiree for many years to come. Tiree is my favourite as I have mobility problems,and the relatively flat terrain makes it my ideal holiday, I hope that 'abusers' will not spoil it for more responsible visitors. Good luck Gillian Samouelle

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