Friday, October 30, 2009


Although we've had an incredible response to the article about Camper Vans (27th October) there has only been one substantial comment so far.

The comment was made anonymously so we won't reproduce it here but you can go back to the post and click on the comment link at the bottom.

Tiree Access Officer, Alison Spence, has been in touch with regard to the comments. Alison writes,

There was a suggestion that there had been a mistake in our interpretatin of the law with regards to driving off the road with regard to parking. The Road Traffic Act 1988(Section34) states- It is an offence to drive a motor vehicle without lawful authority on:
  • land of any description (not forming part of a road), or
a footpath or bridleway except in an emergency.
  • It is not an offence to drive a motor vehicle on land within 15 yards of a road for the purpose of parking the vehicle - although this does not confer any legal right to park the vehicle. Scottish Outdoor Access Code, p127
There is also reference to campervaners being "wild campers". In the Scottish Outdoor Access Code wild camping refers to tents, not motorised vehicles. p115

Under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code p6, sec 7, access rights do not extend to any form of motorised recreation or passage (except by people with a disability using a vehicle or vessel adapted for their use).

These are both common misconseptions of people visiting the island which will hopefully be addressed through future publications.
It is advisable for people to read the scottish outdoor access code which can be accessed at

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