Thursday, September 03, 2009

Music From The Man Shed #2 - BACK IN THE USSR

Strange to be singing a song about a place that 'no longer exists'. In fact, many of the people who look at my blog weren't even born when the USSR ceased to be! Oh well, here's another video, from the same 'test session' as last week. I may have a couple of words in the middle eight wrong, by the way. Next week, we move away from 'pop' music to a Scottish song or two from Hamish Henderson.


Anonymous said...

hello Shed man!! I'm Johnny Stewart, and am for the love of it the director of music for the Dunbar Traditional Music Festival. Danny Lapsley the local rozzer is in fact my brother in law if you pardon the pun. I have an interest in acts that may be willing to come and play at our festival. Would you like to drop me an e-mail with stuff about yourself and I will give you our usual speil. looking forward to hearing from you, oh aye and Hi Danny XX's to Liz

Gordon Scott said...

Johnny - you didn't leave your email address!