Thursday, September 03, 2009


The Ben Nevis Triathlon (19th September) involves a swim in a freezing loch, a 90km cross-country bike race and then - wait for it - a run up and down Ben Nevis, the UK's most feared and respected mountain. Sounds crazy, right? And yet, so far, almost 100 competitors have registered to take part in this extreme race.

Let's look down the list ... anyone we know? Hang on - competitor number 27. Will Wright, Tiree! Yes, once again Will, from Sandaig, Tiree, will be taking his body to the outer limits of endurance, pushing himself further and faster than he ever has before.

We'll be accompanying Will when he makes his attempt to complete this trial in a week or so. Moreover we hope to make a movie of the whole road trip up to Fort William, documenting the highs and lows for Will as he faces the greatest - and perhaps ultimate - challenge of his sporting career.

For more information, check out the Ben Nevis Triathlon site: CLICK HERE

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Anne said...

Having just visited those areas I'm soooo feeling that race. Sounds beautiful - tho I don't envy the freezing swim in the lovely loch.... Have a great one!!