Thursday, August 20, 2009


Tiree is very busy this summer and it is essential visitors to the island who bring their vehicles of bicycles are familiar with the protocol for driving on Single-Track roads. Failure to follow the following simple rules may result in frustration on the part of other road users or, worse, an accident.

So, when driving or cycling on single-track roads please remember:

  • Passing places are marked with black and white poles, or
  • passing-place signs, and must be used to permit oncoming traffic
    to proceed and to allow following traffic to overtake
  • Never park in passing places. They are not viewpoints
  • Always stay on the left-hand side of the road when using passing places
  • If the passing place is on your right-hand side, wait opposite (on the left) and allow traffic to pass
  • No-one minds how slowly drivers travel along our roads, so long as they pull in to allow following vehicles to pass. Remember, the car behind could be a doctor in a hurry, or other emergency services. A vehicle attending an emergency call, will have its hazards flashing and headlights on so please let it pass at the first safe opportunity
  • Use sidelights at night when stopped in passing place
  • There is no vehicular right of access across croft land or common grazing
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