Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sivananda Yoga Starts Tonight

The Sivananda Yoga system aims to retain the vitality of the body, retard the decaying process, and decrease chance of disease, by simply and naturally cultivating the body.  And, beginning this week, Sivananda Yoga comes to Tiree.

All the classes are held at the An Talla 'small hall'.

The beginners' class is for those new to Yoga and who want to learn more. The class begins Tuesday 28th July, 5pm -6.30pm. £10 per person

The Intermediate class is for those familiar with Yoga postures. The class begins Tuesday 28th July, 6.45pm - 8.45pm. £10 per person

Children's yoga (ages 4 - 11 years) aims to develop social and and emotional skills by working on concentration, self control, imagination and well-being. The class begins Wednesday 29th July 10am - 11am. £5 per child, 20% family discount.

The surfers' class is designed to improve stamina, balance and mental focus while strengthening and stretching surfing muscles. The class begins Thursday 30th July 7pm - 8.30pm. £10 per person.

If you need any further information call Lala on 01879 220619 or 07721913512.

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