Saturday, July 18, 2009

Facebook Group for Tiree Genealogists

Tiree Ancestral Roots is a Facebook group aiming to be 'a meeting place for all those who can trace their ancestral roots to Tiree'.

"If you have an ancestor who emigrated from Tiree to other parts of the world, we welcome you here. Whether you are down under in Australia, New Zealand, in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, in South Africa, in Canada, the United States or wherever in this world our ancestors roamed, this page is for you. And lest we forget, those living on the wee island or Scotland herself are also enthusiastically welcomed. Share your stories, post your searches, tell of your visits to the dear little island,share your photographs, tell us about your kids. We want to hear it all. You may find that long lost cousin."

You will have to be a registered Facebook user to join the group.  The group is open and anyone can join.  The URL for the group is

The group is administered by Barbara Humphrey of Minneapolis.  If you have any questions you can email Babs at

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