Monday, July 13, 2009

Breisleach (Delirium)

Breisleach is the most beautiful song in the Gaelic language I have ever heard. And I'm trying to learn it. My Gaelic is very poor but I intend to learn this song and to be able to perform in public. I publish here the words in Gaelic with an English translation following. I am certain the translation does not do justice to the poetry of the Gaelic version. To be honest I'm not sure the Gaelic rendering is all that accurate either but who am I to say. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to sing this at a ceilidh on the Isle of Tiree.

Breisleach (Delirium)

Chaidh mi 'n-de/ dhan choile chailtainn
shireadh chno han airson bladh
ach 's e bh'air a h-ulle geug ach
d'aodan-sa gam thriall.
chaidh mi 'n-de/ gu traigh a'mhaoraich
de choilleagan a bhuain
nochd a h-ulle slige neamhnaid
d'ailleachd-sa a luaidh

Chaidh mi stagh dhan aon taigh-osda
son do sglu
sadh as mo cheann
h-ulle glainne thog mi thaom do
mhaiseachd aist' na deann.
chiaon mi tra h a-raoir dhan leabaidh
thusa ruagadh as le suain
ach cha tug thu cead dhomh cadai
gus an deanainn duan

Dh'larrain-sa bhith saor od tho
ach gu bheil sinn roinnt o che/il'
do churhadh bhith an ait' do shamhla
agam bhios an fhe/ill
dh'ghag thu mi 'nam bhaothair go
bo/dhradh chairdean le do chilu
nuair a thig thu chi lad nach eil
mearachd ann am fhiu

Chi lad sgurr a' danns le saobh-shruth
famh is iolair' anns an ruidhi'
stamh gu caomh ag altram suh-lair
mireadh mu an sull.
chi lad mis' is thusa sugradh
bil ri bil ar an-anaill aoint'
cniadachadh mar seo gu sior le
che/ile b'e ar maoin

(Translation) Delirium

I went to the hazelwood yesterday
seeking hazelnuts for food
but on every branch and twig
was your pursuing face,
I went to the fertile shore yesterday
to gather cockles for a meal
every single shell was filled with
your beauty my love

I went to the alehouse
to expel you from my head
every glass I raised your beauty
overflowing from it
I went early to bed last night
to escape you in sleep
but you kept me awake till
I'd make you a song

I'd wish we were torn asunder
were we not apart
let your presence replace my image of you
and how I'd rejoice
you've brought me to foolish babbling
tiring friends with praise of you
when you return they'll seet that
my words are true

They'll see mountains dance with ripples
mole and eagle step the reel
red rasp held by kind sea-tangle
sport before their eyes
they'll see you and me make merry
lip to lip our breath as one
caressing thus forever
together our reward

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