Monday, June 01, 2009

West End Players


This is me as Sheriff‘s Officer Mr. U. R. Summond who featured in The Stranger, one of the plays performed on Saturday night at An Talla.

It was an evening of plays in Gaelic – except when it came to my part. I have a little Gaelic but not enough to perform confidently in front of an audience.

As well as plays by the performed by adults the kids from the school were also there and they did three plays of their own. I’m always amazed at how the kids on Tiree are not phased in the least by performing, whether it be a play or playing musical instruments.

The audience of about seventy seemed to really enjoy themselves even though there were a few technical hitches. The stage lights fused just as we we were about to perform The Stranger. What timing!


Lybbe said...

LOL - sounds like an evening of pure fun - and you definitely look the part - love the hat!

Jenny said...

"My name's Detective Thomson, and this 'ere's Detective Thompson."