Sunday, March 29, 2009

Traigh Bhi, Ceann a' Mhara and St. Patrick's Chapel

Yesterday - Saturday - Joanne and I met up with Caroline and Myra for another stretch of coastal walk along Traigh Bhi, down at Balephuil, all the way over to Ceann a' Mhara. I mentioned to Myra that I had looked for the ruins of St. Patrick's chapel on many occasions but had never found them. Luckily, both Caroline and Myra knew exactly where it was located.

In the 6th century, Tiree provided the monastic community on Iona with grain (hence Tir Iodh, Land of Corn). A number of early monasteries existed on Tiree itself, including this little chapel. We found engraved crosses on two of the stones.

According to the sign which stands nearby the chapel walls were intact until 1898 when two local lads vandalised the site. Legend has it they died soon after.

With this walk Caroline has completed her journey around the coast of Tiree. We went to The Farmhouse to celebrate with hot drinks and sandwiches. Jo and I still have a few walks to go before we can say we've circumnavigated 'the land of corn'.

Today's photographs were taken by Roger McLachlan and F. Leask and are reproduced under a creative commons license.

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