Monday, March 30, 2009

The Final Fundraising Push

Sometimes I wish I hadn't put that countdown timer on the site. Every time I look at it I get a case of the collywobbles. I can't believe the time to leave for Nepal is only days away.

The part of the whole thing I am looking forward to the least is the long flight to Kathmandu. I fly to Heathrow on the 9th. Later that night I fly to Bahrain and a few hours later I fly to Kathmandu. I arrive there some time after 17.00 hours local time. Those guys are about seven hours in front of us so my body clock is bound to be well and truly mixed up.

By the time I'll be heartily sick of planes, that's for sure.

As for my fundraising effort in aid of Sense Scotland, we're just about there. Originally, I had set a target of £2000.00 but this was a very arbitrary figure. I've adjusted it down to £1000.00. This is not defeatism: it just seems a realistic figure. As you can see from the new 'widget' in the sidebar, in terms of hard cash we're almost there. A lot of people here on Tiree have made pledges as opposed to cash donations so for all I know we may be there already.

If you haven't donated there's still time of course!

Sense Scotland is a wonderful charity, providing support to deafblind people and people with behavioural difficulties. I urge you to think if you might possibly donate a pound or two to help these very vulnerable members of our community.

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