Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Walking Up The Hill

This morning I got out the door fairly early and drove over to Ben Hynish.  It's about time for me to start getting some walking uphill under my belt.  I well remember the first time I walked up the road at Ben Hynish in the company of former Head Teacher Colin Hunter.  This was, oh, about eight years ago and I wasn't very fit back then.  I recall having to stop several times.  Today, an older but wiser man, I fairly whizzed up.  Actually, there's no challenge in that road and the only reason I decided to go there this morning was to start my  new training slowly and surely.

At the bottom of the road, as we all know, we are told that the road is private.  This is because the Civil Aviation station sits atop Ben Hynish and some degree of security must be observed.  I don't think they really mind as long as you don't actually enter the compound (which I didn't).  In any case, only the tarmac is 'private' and in the training days and weeks to come I don't intend to be on it very much.

It's a beautiful wee Ben and tomorrow I intend to go explore it some more.  I'm fascinated by the dry stane dykes that are up there.  What work went into their construction!

Tomorrow I'll take the camera with me and make a wee video.

Today's picture is of the personalised license plate of my friend Archie MacKinnon who lives in Guelph, Ontario.  Apparently personalised license registration plates cost a fraction of what they do in this country.  I had a look at the DVLA site a little while ago and - by way of an example - TY57 REE is going for about £1200.00!


Drusy said...

Yeah, I like the vanity plates in the states - its always a fun game on long road journeys to try to figure out the obscure ones.. easy example is 2BAD4U, but some are outrageous!

Gordon Bucher said...

I did fancy T1 REE when it came out but the DVLA sold it for £15,000 bach in 2000.