Sunday, February 08, 2009

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It's been a couple of good days for walking.  Yesterday, Saturday, Jo and I met up with Caroline over at Ruaig .  Caroline took us on a ramble cross-country to Milton Harbour from where we got back on the road and walked back to Ruaig via Caoles.   For most of our walk we had to cope with quite a strong, chilly wind but we got there.  Once again we were indebted to Caroline for taking us to another beautiful corner of Tiree we didn't know existed.  

I know I've said this before but it's amazing that after almost 16 years we haven't been everywhere there is to go on this tiny island.

Today I put on my thermal base layer clothing under my outdoor clothes and went for an 8 mile walk via Hough , Moss, Heylipol , Island House and back to Cornaigmore.  I wanted to find out how the thermal clothing would work - whether I would sweat too much if the temperature was too high, for instance.  In fact it felt very comfortable and I'm sure I'll feel the benefit when I'm in Nepal on the Everest Base Camp Trek.  Today I also wore my backpack and carried what I expect to be carrying when actually on the trek.

The fundraising for Sense Scotland is going well.  Day 2, almost 7 pm, and £220 has been donated.  Tomorrow I'll get the sponsorship sheets out to shops.  Hopefully they'll agree to keep them visible for a couple of weeks.  Tiree people are very generous and I'm sure they'll respond to the appeal.  The other thing I have to do is write a little piece for An Tirisdeach.  Maybe the editor will be kind enough to run it.

Another week of intensive walking with a bit of hill walking lies in front of me.  If you see me say hello.

Please support my efforts to raise funds for when I trek to Everest Base Camp in April 2009.  Visit my site - - for details or donate online right now at Thank you!

Jim Murdoch's fantastic photographs of Tiree can be found at 

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LadyM said...

Hello there. I'm enjoying your blog and I have an odd question for you.

I am American, but spent Christmas in Scotland with my Scottish husband, and while there, met a woman named Caroline McPhee who runs the school on Tiree. We had a lovely chat. She gave me her email address, but my emails to her have all bounced back.

If by any chance you know her (she told me there are only 800 people on the island), would you be so kind as to direct her to my blog, so she can contact me, and I can email her. I had such a lovely time meeting her, and would like to be in touch.

All my best.