Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Insured For Adventure ... but not for stupidty

Insured for Adventure.  Doesn't quite have the ring of Licensed to Kill but it'll do for the moment.  Anyway, this little card came in the post today from the company which is insuring me during the Everest Base Camp Trek.  I must admit I quite like the sound of being insured for adventure.  It makes me feel slightly dangerous.

However, the simple truth is that the only person I am a danger to is myself.  
This afternoon I went for a short training walk.  I went back over to Ruaig and there I retraced part of the route taken by Jo, Caroline and I last Saturday.  This time I went up the little hill which seems to demarcate Ruaig from Milton.  There's a little water pumping station up there and I was curious to have a look.

Actually, the hill turned out to be nothing more than a bump on the landscape.  Strange; from a distance it looks much bigger.  Long before I got to the top the sheep were peering down at me wondering what the heck I was up to.

Just as I got to the top of this little lump the rain started.  I'd seen it coming from the west and expected it.  So, I went into my little kit back and pulled out my waterproof trousers and jacket.  They took the short downpour rather well.  I was bone dry throughout.

I tried to take some pictures but the rain really put paid to that.  So after taking in what I could of the landscape around me I clambered down and made my way back to the car.

As I said, I was bone dry.  But what I'd forgotten was that the little kit back I was carrying on my back isn't.  I had my phone in there, my iPod and my wallet.  All were soaking wet.  When I opened the phone I heard it crunch, as if somehow sand had got into it's workings.  My wallet was absolutely sodden.  But - and this is the bit that really hurts - my iPod had given up the ghost.

My precious iPod.  I mean, how do you live without an iPod?

When I got back I quickly consulted the font of all knowledge - Google - for a solution to the waterlogged iPod.  Apparently I should leave it for a couple of days, let it dry out and then try turning it on again.  If I'm lucky it will come back to life.

Unfortunately for me The Mighty Google advises me not to try turning it on as electricity and water do not mix and I may end up frying the thing completely.  Of course by the time I'd read this I'd tried to turn it on at least ten times!

So there you are: today's instalment of Adventures in Stupidity.  Here's hoping I am blessed with a little more common sense before I head off to Nepal.

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