Thursday, February 19, 2009

Greetin' Faced Cowboy

The greetin' faced dude on the left looks as if he lost a fiver and found a shilling.  

You may be thinking this is some old time western hero but you'd be mistaken.  Sure, at various times in his life he has been referred to as 'a bit of a cowboy'.

But no: this is no lasso-tossing cattle-punching star of the rodeo.

It's me!

The reason for the sombre sombrero look is simply that I couldn't make up my mind if this hat suited me so I took a quick self-portrait.

I picked up this little number in Oban last time I was over.  It was going cheap and I thought 'that'll do me'.

As I was buying it I had a flashback to my childhood when I was bought a 'cowboy' hat with a star-shaped sticker on the front that said 'sheriff' and a fringe of red and yellow lips about the brim.

I have to go the Doctor's next week and ask about vaccinations.  This is something I'd forgotten about.  I was surprised when I checked out how many vaccinations I would have to get: at least five.  I don't particularly like being jagged in the arm but I'll try to be a brave soldier.

Jo and I had an interesting conversation the other day.  For some reason it was mentioned that I was going 'on holiday' by myself.  I denied I was going on holiday.  In my own mind this Everest Base Camp Trek isn't a holiday.  

Having said that I'm just not sure how I regard it.  An adventure, certainly; and, hopefully, a very enjoyable experience.  But a holiday?  I seem to be rebelling against the notion.

Fund raising continues to go well.  At the moment we're at £377.00 after two weeks.  The donations have been slower this week but perhaps they will pick up when the article appears in the Oban Times and, hopefully, An Tirisdeach.

I was very pleased last week to get a mention on Phedippidations, the most popular podcast for runners in the world.  You can listen to the section where Steve talks about my trek by going to

Please support my efforts to raise money for Sense Scotland while on my Everest Base Camp Trek by visiting

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J. Scott Cameron said...

hey "indiana gord", the hat looks great. i keep a $10 CDN in my tilley. maybe your fiver is in the crown of your akubra.