Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drive Way Done!

Yesterday was a great day, wasn't it? The sun came out and stayed out. I took advantage of this to get out back and finish off the drive. This is the project I began in July so no-one can accuse me of rushing the job. I don't feel too bad about it, though. Apart from getting one of our friends with a digger to come and scrape off the surface for us Jo and I did it all by ourselves, no small feat when you consider the area concerned.

I like to approach these tasks in a zen-like manner. Plenty of stops to consider what I'm doing, you know?

For all of yesterday's hard work I was accompanied by next door's dog, Guinness. Guinness is getting on a bit now but she'll chase a ball until the sun goes down. When I was shovelling and laying she would drop her little toy at my feet, gaze longingly at it and then appealingly up at me.

If I was shovelling into the barrow and she thought I was taking too long or ignoring her she would drop the toy into the barrow itself. Clever.

In the afternoon, Jo and I met up with Fifi and her daughter Kathleen and went for a short walk in the afternoon sun. It really was such a lovely day. But we had to keep leaving the road and stand on the grass to let vehicles pass! Kathleen (4 years old) and I have decided to put an advert in An Tirisdeach to say that when we're out for a walk no-one is allowed to drive their cars.

I forgot to mention that last Saturday we had another great coastal walk with Caroline. This time we started at Salum, along to Miodar, Caoles and back to Salum. All in all about 3.5 miles but taken at a saunter. We were very grateful to Caroline for taking us on this route. I'm amazed that, after 15 years living here, there are still new parts of Tiree to discover.

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