Friday, January 23, 2009

Eating/New Zealanders/Loganair

Joanne and I used to visit Fiona and Mark's cafe at An Talla on a fairly frequent basis.  Even though they moved from there and opened their own Farmhouse Cafe in Balemartine some two months ago it's taken us all this time to visit.  Well, that's not altogether true.  We've tried to go there for a meal on a couple of occasions but yours truly kept getting the cafe winter opening times wrong.  Anyway, we visited today.  The food's as good as ever but my, oh, my, were we impressed with the work this young couple have put into converting what I think as a barn into a top-notch eatery.  The decor and design of the cafe is faultless, light and airy, modern yet tasteful.  When we went down today the place was fairly buzzing, a testament to the continued popularity of their food but also, I am sure, because the cafe exudes an air of quality and relaxed efficiency.  The Farmhouse Cafe is only open two days in the winter season - Friday and Saturday - and if you haven't checked it out yet you really must.

I have my Google account set up to send me alerts when Tiree is mentioned on the world wide web.  Today there was a mention of a visit to Tiree by a couple from New Zealand named Kent and Eryn.  I read some of their blog, all about a recent trip around Scotland, including Tiree.  In the first paragraph of their latest entry Joanne and I are mentioned - as 'a lovely couple' who gave them a lift from the ferry and waited outside MacLeod's while they got some supplies in.  Another indication of just how incredible is the world wide web.  I've been called many things in my life - not all of them complimentary - but I don't recall ever being called 'lovely' before.  Well, there's a first time for everything.  Anyway, you can follow Kent and Eryn's trip to Scotland - including their time on Tiree - HERE.  Actually, Kent and Eryn struck us as a very nice young couple and I'm glad to have stumbled across their blog.

I see Loganair have been successful in their tender to retain the Tiree air connection until 2013, which must be good news for the island.  Tranport Minister Stewart Stevenson told the press 'I am delighted that we have managed to secure the continuation of these vital services for the communities of Campbeltown, Barra and Tiree.  These services are a lifeline and provide a direct link to employment, education and social activity for the people of Argyll and the islands.  Access to affordable and regular transport services is essential, particularly in these challenging economic times.'

Finally, thanks to everyone who wrote to say they appreciated the comments on this blog about the passing of Alasdair Sinclair.

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