Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dreams don't come cheap.

We hardly seem to be away from the place at the moment. It's off to
Oban in the morning for Jo and myself. The purpose of tomorrow's trip
is so that I can go get my eyes tested and probably get new specs.
It's only a year since my last eye test but I think I need another
test. While I'm there I'll visit a few outdoors shops as I still have
a few items I need for the trip to Nepal in April.

The company arranging my trip still haven't managed to book my flight
to Kathmandu because the airline company - Gulf Air - haven't
published their prices yet. But we've decided to at least book my
flight from Glasgow to Heathrow. I'll fly down south on the 9TH
April. Unfortunately, doing it this way means that I'll have to
re-check my luggage at Heathrow but KE Travel feel we should at least
get the ball rolling.

This also means that I can go ahead and arrange my travel insurance.
Travel insurance is absolutely essential on a trip to Everest Base
Camp and there are companies who specialise in the kind of trek I'll
be undertaking. If you fall seriously ill on one of these treks the
only way to get you out of there is by chopper. After that there
could be hospital and doctors' bills to pay. Then perhaps an early
flight home. All in all, such a catastrophe could run into thousands.
In fact, KE Travel won't even take you on without proof that you've
insured yourself against this kind of eventuality.

A long cherished dream, this Everest Base Camp thing. Sometimes dreams don't come cheap.

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