Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Defenders and a Jo Update

The end of last week was quite hectic for us.  First of all, there was The Defenders gig on Friday 2nd.  Then the next morning, Saturday, Jo and I had to get on the ferry for Oban so that she could have her arm X-rayed.  We got back yesterday, Tuesday.

So, first of all, the gig.  It went well.  The first half was a bit lacking in atmosphere but we started fairly early in the evening - about 9.45.  By the time we came back on at around 11.30 the audience was up for it.  The floor was absolutely jam packed for that second set and everyone seemed to have a great time.  It was not the wildest of Defenders gigs, I have to admit.  But remember, this was a family night and the kids that were there seemed to have a great time. 

And what did The Defenders make of their return to the stage?  We were pretty pleased it had all gone so well bearing in mind we only really had two and a half rehearsals beforehand.  And even that's not such a straight-forward statement: during the first rehearsal our bass player Iain could not make it; in the second one of us had succumbed to Tiree 'Flu and was not able to play at his best; and the third rehearsal saw the lights go out due to a power cut about half an hour in.  Even so, we were pretty good, though I say it myself. Rock 'n' Roll on Tiree is alive and kicking.

On Saturday we got to Oban and went straight up to the hospital.  And examination and a X-Ray revealed that Jo has a small fracture on her elbow.  There's not much that can be done about it other than keep her arm still and rest it for a fortnight.  All in all it will take an estimated five weeks to fully recover.  The folks at the hospital A & E Department were great.

Today I have a couple of outside projects in mind, maybe get that darn drive finished for a start.  And I have to put a training schedule together to get ready for April.  And lose some weight again.  Oh, and I need to make a plan for my man shed ...

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