Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alasdair Sinclair

It was with sadness that I heard of the passing of Alasdair Sinclair at the age of 85. I didn't know Alasdair all that well - in fact, I didn' know him at all until An Iodhlann came into being. However, what I do know is that his commitment to the island archive and museum was total, his understanding of the island's history simply remarkable. He was a veritable font of knowledge and the patience and detail with which he answered queries from personal callers and correspondents to An Iodhlann made him something of a legend in his own lifetime. Islanders unfamiliar with the work of An Iodhlann may be surprised to know that Alasdair's fame had spread to the four corners of the globe and that he was admired and by hundreds of people worldwide. A quiet, modest and unassuming gentleman, Alasdair will be greatly missed.


Babs said...

Dear Gordon,
Thanks for the posting about the passing of Alasdair Sincliar, and the splendid photo.
My heart is breaking that he is no longer there. As I left Tyree in May 2006, he promised me he would stay alive until I returned. Alas, life often takes it's own turns. He was kind, patient, endearing, I could go on. He walked me to the ferry landing that morning in May and continued to wave to all of us who were leaving after a grand homecoming. I can't imagine Tyree without him. He was one of the first people I met on my first trip in 2001 and the last to say goodbye in 2006. Och! How do we mend our broken hearts. Who will drive Duncan now?
With love and gratitude,

Resource said...

Dear Gordon
It's deeply gratifying to read such kind words concerning my late Uncle. I'd like to add my thanks to the An Iodhlann "community" who gave him such a positive outlet for his knowledge and talents in his retirement, to those determined members of the Sinclair and Henderson families who battled the elements to provide family representation at the funeral, and to everyone on the island who helped to make it (by all accounts) such an appropriate commemoration.

Best wishes to all

John Henderson, Merseyside