Monday, December 01, 2008

Cold and spending.

Yes, we are cold this morning, here in Oban.  The mountains of Mull look glorious from the distance, the snow being very low today. 
Last night we had a marvellous curry at The Light of India and went back to our flat some time after six.  We didn't resurface until this morning!

I've spent the morning buying some kit for Nepal.  Gaiters, extra laces, thermal long-johns, this and that.  Reality is starting to bite.  Even today, here, on holiday, I must try to get some training of some kind in.  Oban has not one but two excellent sports facilities so one of them be visited by yours truly in the course of the day. 
This afternoon we move into Mrs McDougall's flat (everyone on Tiree will know who I'm talking about), a place that always feels like a second home to me.
The girls are shopping and are reasonably happy.    Tomorrow, they are thinking of going to Glasgow for some more shopping.  I am undecided whether to go with them.  Maybe a pair of new hiking boots would be on offer if I were to go with them so it may be worth my while.  Should I stay or should I go?
More later.

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