Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ubuntu Saves the Day!

Poor wee blog, I have been ignoring you again. Sorry! But then I did have another major computer problem lately. The lightning storm which took out about one hundred of the island's telephones was also probably responsible for the sudden demise of the operating system on my laptop. I know better than to leave a computer plugged into a wall socket during an electrical storm. What was I thinking? Anyway, the OS (Windows Vista) began to die slowly before my eyes. Had I backed up my iTunes purchases? No. What about the videos from my recent marathon? Don't ask. And so on, so on ...

Actually, I managed to rescue my documents, music and videos by transferring what I could on to my iPod and other removable storage devices. But what to do about the laptop? I put off phoning Dell for a couple of days while I pondered the dilemma.

Then it came to me: why not install an open source operating system?

You see, many people believe that if you run a PC it has to run on Windows but it's not true. There's a completely free open source operating system out there called Ubuntu. I went to their site, downloaded the operating system (about a quarter of the size of Vista), installed it and - Bob's your Uncle.

The only gripe with Ubuntu so far is that the procedure for downloading software is incredibly complicated compared to Windows. But then, I have resolved to do as much 'cloud computing' as possible - use online applications rather than downloading them to my computer. I also intend to become better at backing up purchases and other important stuff. And what have I got to complain about? This stuff is free and it works!

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