Sunday, November 30, 2008

Off for a few days.

Sunday, and now we are to leave to island for a few days. I've never been one of those people who relish the idea of Christmas shopping unless, of course, it's to buy me things. I think I mentioned last time that I've basically done all of my shopping on the Internet anyway and that's true apart from a few bits and bobs. Amazon has taken all the pain out of this annual torture.

I have promised myself this year - again - to try not to be such a scrooge and get some kind of enthusiasm for the impending season of goodwill. Like many people I know deep down within myself that this whole Christmas malarkey has turned into an orgy of greed and spending. As much as I enjoy getting presents there is definitely something very unsettling about one feels one has to rather than one really wants to.

While in the Co-op yesterday I spotted a Christmas wreath. I thought to myself 'well, we've never had one of them before' so I bought it and stuck it on the front door. Yes, I know, it's not even December. My daughter has already pointed that out to me. But at least I'm trying.

It's good to get verbal communication with my daughter, Jenny. Although we live in the same house we seem to spend a disproptionate part of our time communicating with each other via the internet. It's true. Only two days ago I emailed her to pass on that he dinner was ready. On the downside, Jenny only found out I was going to the Himalyas when she saw me talk about it on the social networking site Twitter.

And so we look forward to a few days away. A change is as good as a rest, as they say. And it will be nice to see the Christmas displays in the shops and the streets.

On this note I was saddened to hear about the demise of Woolworths. I remember as a kid in Wishaw looking forward to going to Woolworths to check out the latest plastic and tin tat from Japan, ie., the toy section. In fact I can't understand why Woolworths do so badly: for the past ten to fifteen years they have been selling excellent products. Problem is, I suppose, you can get all their stuff plus the groceries in the likes of Tesco, etc.

A pox on homogeneous high streets. I shall no doubt come back from this trip a poorer and no wiser man.


Richard McKay said...

Good post Gordy ! Had a laugh at you emailing your daughter for dinner. My wife not on email but have texted her to ask for a drink of water whilst recovering in bed after a heavy night on the Guinness.

J. Scott Cameron said...

well said gordon. i concur on all comments. i remember as a youngster sitting at the lunch counter in woolworths in downtown london, ontario ... it was great. in closing, when are you coming across the pond for a wee run and a wee more? hope all is well. hi to all. slainte, scott