Friday, November 28, 2008


Rain, wind, hail and now tonight patches of 'black' ice on the roads of Tiree.  You can see every star in the sky tonight which means frost.  Jings, it's cold!  Just the same I've been forcing myself out to walk every day this week (with the exception of Thursday when I just had to use the treadmill).  So, I'm back into some kind of training.  Okay, it's not running but c'mon, it's the off season.  One thing I know for sure is that I have to lose all those pounds I gained after the Loch Ness Marathon.  Jo and I have been attending Will's keep fit sessions at the school gym on Wednesday nights and I feel such an overweight slob when I'm there.  At the moment when I run bits of me jiggle.  I don't like jiggle.

Disappointment of the week is not to have been able to be in Wishaw tonight for the reuinion of my nursing class.  Things just didn't work out, the Scott family diaries couldn't be made to coordinate so I've had to forego seeing all my old buddies again.  I've sent them a message by text tonight to say that although I cannot be with them I am with them in spirit.

We can't get off the island until Sunday.  Time to do some serious Christmas shopping.  Well, at least that's how Jo and Jenny will look at it.  I've nearly done all my seasonal shopping online.  God bless

Tonight Jo is out with friends.  Jenny is upstairs.  To all intents and purposes it's just me, the cat and the TV.

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