Thursday, October 23, 2008


Once again it's blowing an absolute hoolie outside.  How long has this been going on?  Days and days of it.  My new drive is still unfinished but I can't bring myself to go out there and start shovelling gravel.  I foresee a day in front of the telly, watching repeats on the Discovery channel, or pottering about in the kitchen.

'Where does he get all the leisure time?' I hear you ask. Well, fact is, since last I wrote to you, I have taken early retirement and so now my days are my own.  I'm almost 53 and I'll never be rich but you know what?  Money isn't everything.

Jo soldiers on.  She's had a really bad knee for months now.  We were down in Glasgow on Monday so she could get the thing x-rayed.  Turns out she has osteo-arthritis.  In a weird way my physical fitness is improving all the time while hers gets worse.  At least now we know what is wrong with her something can get done about it.

The island is returning to some kind of normality now that the Wave Classic  has come and gone.  Maybe it's just me but this event seems to get better with every year.  Using An Talla as the event HQ is an inspired idea.  I find most of these guys really nice and up for a good time.  Of course, you meet the occasional prat but that's life.

The big talking point in An Tirisdeach just now is beach access.  A lot of the crofters are upset about the damage done to the machair by tourists' vehicles trying to get as close to the shore as possible.  It's a real dilemma because the beaches here are such a tourist draw.  More later.

I recently fulfilled a long term wish and finally bought myself a Fender Telecaster.  For the uninitiated, this is an electric guitar made by the Fender company.  This particular model has been in constant production since 1950.  It's white and a delight to play.  I've been jamming with Bruce, Iain and Andy and it looks like there will be a Defendersgig before the end of the year.  In this manifestation we will be a four-piece band.

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J. Scott Cameron said...

welcome back gordie! great read. hi to jo. hope all is well. cheers, scott