Monday, October 27, 2008

Food and Mouth

A good rehearsal last night with the lads in the band.  Extremely sensible to.  I actually managed to come home on the same day as I left the house.  We have no idea when we'll be ready to gig but it's looking likely it will be sometime in the early New Year.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm letting myself go.  I haven't exercised at all since Loch Ness. Maybe it's only right that I should take a rest after all the effort I put into that little expedition. I'm really wary, though, of letting myself go on to long without embarking on some kind of a challenge. For one thing I'm sure to start piling on pounds of weight. Come to think of it, since the marathon the most exercise I've had has been putting food into my mouth.

There is a cyclo-cross race on Mull in December and I had seriously considered entering. But the specialist equipment needed - including a good cyclo-cross bike - does not warrant the expenditure as I don't think I'd be doing another one, ever.

Of course, there's the list I published last time and perhaps I should be asking myself whether I'm serious or not about doing some of those things.

The debate in An Tirisdeach about beach access and damage being done to the machair by visitors has had its last airing. I hope someone manages to come up with some kind of a compromise so that no damage is done either to the Tiree landscape or to the goodwill extended to visitors to the island.

(As I write, Joanne has gone on to my treadmill and is doing some exercise.  How bad does that make me feel?)

The atrocious weather continues. I have one main job outstanding round about the house and that is finishing off the new drive I started putting down way back in July.  We were doing great but then the men came to install a new kitchen and there were vans a lorries all over the place. Then, when the workmen left, we forgot to start up again on the work.  Important, though, to start in on that before winter begins to take hold.

After that I must turn my mind to my man-shed. I have decided to build a shed which will contain all my rubbish.  My treadmill, spinning bike, books and all sorts of assorted crap will be shipped out.  I include myself in this. It will be the place I will go to do 'my thing' without tormenting the life out of my wife and daughter.

But mainly I will teach myself harmonica - or, more precisely, the blues harp.  I have been wanting to learn for ages but I am banned from putting the thing anywhere near my mouth when I am inside the house.

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