Saturday, December 08, 2007

Greetings from the Isle of Tiree!

Hello my friends! I am afraid this will only be a short post. My laptop is in Oban, where it is undergoing repairs. Over the past couple of months it has had a couple of accidents. Once I walked away with forgetting I had it plugged into the mains. This resulted in the mains input being damaged. The other stupid thing I did was to walk away from it one day when I still had the headphones connected and on my head! Not only did this destroy the headphone input but it also gave me red, painful ears for an hour or so! When I get the laptop back I will, hopefully, resume regular blogging. In the meantime, I am writing this on Joanne's steam driven desktop computer.

Thanks to everyone who wrote and emailed regarding the ill health with which our household seems to be cursed at the moment. Joanne is feeling much better, thanks.

Over the next week I will post a few video or slideshow features. I wish I had gone down to the beach today and filmed something: the weather here today was wild and awful.

Just one other thing to mention: if you made a 'comment' recently you might have been surprised that it didn't immediately appear. This was because I received a 'spam' comment and decided to moderate the comments for a short while. The threat seems to have passed.

Thanks for bearing with me: normal service will be resumed soon!

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DPeach said...

Good thing you have plenty of water around to keep your steam powered computer up and running.

I have a funny story about violently ripping out headphones.

I have a really nice* set of headphones that are like ear plugs. You squeeze them down and plug them into your ears so they completely block out the environment. Then when you turn on your podcast player you have to make sure you turn the volume down really low, or you will blow out your ears.

One day I was wearing them while mowing the lawn. It is nice because they protect your ears from the lawnmower noise and you can still hear your podcast without turning the volume up too much.

I caught the headphone chord with my hand and violently ripped the headphones from my ears. But, the way it happened I was instantly aware of the result but not the cause. The result was that all of a sudden my ears felt like someone just used plungers to pop out my ear drums. I could no longer hear the talking and this awful noise (lawnmower) was filling my head. I just knew my ears exploded for some un-explainable reason. It took a couple of seconds before I realized that I simply pulled on the chord wrong.

Scary times.

*They are not really "nice" headphones, but they do their job well. They actually sound horrible for music and they stick out of your head like large marshmallows.