Monday, November 05, 2007

Supermum/Flying Surf Boards/Failing Concrakes

Yesterday (Sunday): the New York City Marathon. The women's race was won by the UK's Paula Radcliffe, running her first marathon since the birth of her daughter, Isla, 10 months ago. What a sensational race it was too. Apart from about three seconds, when the Ethiopian runner who more or less drafted her from the beginning tried to overtake, Paula led from start to finish. She is truly one of my athletic heroes. Recently, I ran a half marathon, completing the 13.1 miles in 2:46. Yesterday, Paula Radcliffe ran twice the distance in 2:23.

I hear today that British Airways are about to ban surf boards from their planes. They just take up too much room, it seems. Probably The Scotsman article is rather over the top: to suggest that events on Tiree would be threatened by this proposed ruling is not true. Most of the folks who come to surf on Tiree bring their gear by car or van. I imagine this is the same for Thurso. Still, it may be a real problem for a few people. We'll just have to wait and see. (UPDATE 8th NOVEMBER: See 'comments', below.)

The poor wee Corncrakes are struggling again, apparently. Or are they? This article seems to suggests that livestock farming on the islands and elsewhere is in decline and this has a knock-on effect to the environment in which the birds prosper. But towards the end of the article we learn that the number of birds is increasing. Confusing. (The 'readers' comments' at the bottom of the page are quite amusing.) Tags: , , ,


babciaruns said...

Hey Gordon!

I'm as inspired as you are concerning Paula! A ture British treasure!! When they gonna make her DAME Paula????
Was jumping outta my chair watching from down here in Lancashire!! So glad the BBC showed it and we had the opportunity to tape it!
Great photo on your blog!

Anonymous said...

gordon, i disagree. BA's decision to ban surfboards will be detrimental to the continued success of the PWA event on the island. not as detrimental as the attitude of some of the islanders though. they seem not to want the event at all, and have succeeded in annoying the organisers, funders and sponsors to the extend that the event may not return to tiree in 2008

Gordon Scott said...

Thanks for the above comment. As you probably know, I don't surf and my comments where down to my perceptions. You're right: anything that doesn't encourage surfers to come by any means possible is a backward step. I'm not sure about your feeling that the folks on the island don't encourage the event. Maybe you would like to email me in confidence so that I can represent your views on the blog? Thanks again, I appreciate your comment. Gordon