Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Ah yes, Halloween.  Last night, daughter Jenny made a pumpkin lantern.  Making Pumpkin lanterns is a fairly recent trend in the UK.  Like outdoor Christmas lights , yellow ribbons and the invasion of Iraq, we have imported this idea from America.   Anyway, this creation will be sitting in a window at the Scott residence tonight.


During the process, Jenny was watched closely by her Familiar, Connie.

100_1704The finished masterpiece, in all its ghoulish glory. Tags: , ,


janis cuevas said...

I see that Jennie is an Edvard Munch fan. The pumpkin looks great, quite a talent!
How is Connie doing? Any improvement with her itchiness?

Gordon Scott said...

In a round about way, Janis ... I think the face is based on the 'Scream' movie, or the parody, 'Scary Movie'. Now that you mention it, those baddies are very Munch-ian!

janette said...

Yes very scream like,looks brill with the candle, how is conies itch she is just gorgeous.

Gordon Scott said...

Thanks for asking the itch, Janis and Janette - Connie's itch, that is. Much better, thanks: we brush her a lot and definitely after every visit out to the 'jungle' (our so-called garden). Whenever she comes back in she starts twitching, so we think she is definitely allergic to grass or something in it.