Tuesday, October 02, 2007

FEEDBACK: Old Wind Turbines and Itchy Cats

Great to hear from my old mate Mark Jennison.  A lot of you on Tiree will remember Mark as the leading light of Tiree Community Business and one of the main advocates of the proposed wind turbine at Ruaig.  Mark confessed to me today by email that he is a bit of a wind turbine 'nerd' and that my picture from Newtonmore (see post for September 29th 2007) really intrigued him.

Mark wrote, Looks to me like it's a Lucas Freelight wind turbine, built before the war to charge batteries. Apparently there were quite a few of them on Tiree at the same time. Alistair at An Iodhlan remembers them being on various crofts, used to power light bulbs inside. The blades were made of wood and apparently were quite noisy! Wonder if any are still lurking in old sheds?

Mark also sent me picture of another example from Orkney.  057 They used to carve their own blades, Mark continued, and there were obviously lots of different sizes made. The machine was probably the same, just small blades. My picture makes it look big, but it’s actually rather small.

Thank you so much Mark!

Now, as for my itchy cat (see post for September 27th 2007): Janis wrote suggesting we alter Connie's diet as she may be allergic to something she was eating.  A great suggestion, Janis.  We have tried this and so far no great success.  When we go to the mainland in a few days  we intend to visit the pet store in Oban to check out the availability of hype-allergic pet foods.

Janette suggested that pollen might be affecting Connie.  A friend had a cat which required brushing every time it came back into the house.  Now, this is strange because I started combing Connie on her return from the garden about two weeks ago - with some improvement in her agitation.  So I think Janette might have something here.  I'll keep you posted.

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janis cuevas said...

regarding Connie again. Have you had her thyroid function checked?
My older cat (16) has hypothyroidism and had problems with his coat until he went on medication. Good luck!