Monday, October 29, 2007

Cheer up, it's Monday

Yesterday, the clocks went back (to GMT).  That means it gets brighter sooner in the mornings - for the moment anyway.  That should cheer us all up.

Again, yesterday I did something I'd never done before which was go out for a training run with someone else.  The 'someone else' was Fifi Munn.  Fifi started running about three months ago and is doing great.  We ran 3.2 miles at her pace.  We covered the distance in 35 minutes and fifteen seconds.  This works out to 11 minute per mile pace at an average speed of 5.45 mph.  Not slow!

There was a sale at the weekend but to be honest with you I don't understand the complexities of livestock sales.  I should have asked Fifi how the prices went but I forgot.

I'm still under doctor's orders, running with his blessing I have to say.  But I'm also trying to make myself useful in the house while not at work.  This morning I have done all the washing, hung it out, watched it get soaked again in a shower; I've mopped the kitchen floor, done the dishes, and I've vacuumed the sitting room.  I've partially prepared tonight's dinner - a chicken stir fry, I reckon - and that's that. 

As I pointed out to my daughter Jenny this morning, "I'm a man of the 90's."  She got the joke. Tags:


janis cuevas said...

Loved the cartoon Gordon. Reminded me of my old highschool days and the hideous green uniforms (with tie)! If I remember correctly there were several people I would have liked to "slay" with my hocky stick (but the only moustaches were of the "post-menopausal gym teacher" type!!)

Anonymous said...

Is this from The Judy or the Bunty
comic? looks like my old hockey stick too.

Jen said...

i didn't know we had a 'sitting room'

Gordon Scott said...

The cartoon was something I found randomly in Google - can't remember what I was looking for. And 'sitting room' is international for 'living room', I think. Although we use it all the time, 'living' room doesn't make any sense to me. What are we doing in all the other rooms apart from 'living'? It's a mad, mad, mad world.

janette said...

nice to see another man has jumped ship and became a man of the 90s, it really is a better way of life that's the reason women live longer than men they can multi task good for you