Saturday, September 15, 2007

Video: James McFadden, Scottish Hero

The day after, the 13th September, the sports sections of the French papers were full of words like 'Catastrophe' and 'Disaster'. Watch the video to find out why.


J. Scott Cameron said...

H'mmm, makes you wonder what the papers in England would have read had Scotland beat England. ; )

Gordon Scott said...

Och, Scott, we don't need to beat England. WE CAN BEAT FRANCE!

Actually, the English media was very good about it. I don't personally go in for this Scots v. English thing. I have too many great English friends - and relatives - to bother with all that stuff. Besides, I have some English blood in me lol!

J. Scott Cameron said...

aye, i hear you. me too. my father's mom and dad are immigrants to canada from newcastle.

h'mmm, how about canada vs. scotland instead!