Friday, September 14, 2007

Travelling People

Yesterday, late afternoon, Joanne, Jenny and I had a visit from two travelling people. A family of travelling people visit Tiree often and yesterday the old lady (whom I take to be the matriarch of the family) and her daughter came to call.

The purpose of the visit was to offer us knick-knacks which they had for sale. But what was more important was the opportunity just to sit down in the kitchen, have a cup of tea and a good old fashioned 'blether'.

The old lady told me something I had heard from other people on Tiree: she'd been visiting Tiree for years, back in the days when folks like herself were adept at making tin-ware. Doctor Holliday had just had her across at An Iodhlann the day before to share her memories of visiting Tiree and reflections about her way of life.

It was a pleasure to have these folks visit us and I can only marvel at their hardiness and fortitude. The weather yesterday was very rough and the thought of spending the night in a tent on Tiree wouldn't have appealed to me at all.

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